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I've upgraded my test system from zope 2.5.1, CMF 1.2 and zwiki 0.12 to zope 261, cmf 1.3.1 and zwiki 0.16. I can create new zwikis but my existing ones show up in the ZMI as "broken". If I try to import an exported copy of the 0.12-level zwiki site I get a similar error saying "The object broken does not support this operation". Any clues or suggestions?

SimonMichael, 2003/03/26 17:40 GMT
All your existing wikis are in CMF, is that right ? Can you find any traceback for this error ? What if you move or export-import one of your wiki folders outside the CMF site, does it work then ?

re moving out of the CMF --SimonMichael, 2003/03/26 17:43 GMT
This may mean moving/copying the contents of a CMF Wiki Folder to a normal folder outside the CMF site, perhaps. You could also try creating a new wiki folder in your cmf site and copying all the old wiki's contents over (in the ZMI).

re moving out of the CMF --2003/03/26 22:59 GMT
Copying a large wiki is no easy thing since the pages are all called "copy_of_PageName?". Is there a way to avoid that?

re moving out of the CMF - JohnKnutson --2003/03/26 23:02 GMT
I just tried importing outside of CMF and got the same error - "The object broken does not support this operation."

Inside CMF I get the same error with the following Error Log Entry (new since zope 2.5.1)

details trimmed

SimonMichael, 2003/03/27 03:16 GMT
Are you able to create a new wiki ? If not, check /Control_Panel/Products/ZWiki/manage_traceback .

2003/03/27 16:17 GMT
Yes, I can create new wikis, inside and outside of CMF. I can also copy pages one at a time. Doing a Select All / Copy and Paste doesn't work for some reason. As I move from the source page to the target (to do the paste) the Paste button disappears from the option list.

2003/03/27 16:41 GMT
What can make a zope Product show as broken? What should I be looking for?

By the way, I've created a zope 2.5.1 / cmf 1.2 system like my production site and I get the same problems with that.

SimonMichael, 2003/03/27 17:50 GMT
A product can show as broken in /Control_Panel/Products for various reasons; clicking on it will show the traceback which tells why. Your zwiki product icon is not broken if I understand you. What icon shows as broken - your existing wiki's folder icon ? Or the page icons inside it ?

copy --SimonMichael, 2003/03/27 17:53 GMT
You'll get "copy_of..." whenever you paste where objects of the same name already exist.

Your paste button might be disappearing because of a virtual host change, or because you have cookies disabled ?

2003/03/27 17:59 GMT
You're right - the product isnot broken, its the wiki folder that's broken.

SimonMichael, 2003/03/27 23:22 GMT
Gotcha.. unfortunately I'm not sure how to find out more at this moment..

ideas --SimonMichael, 2003/04/02 23:20 GMT

ideas --SimonMichael, 2003/04/02 23:23 GMT
one more:

2003/04/03 09:00 GMT
Thanks for these suggestions.

What I have been able to do is this -

So, while this was not as easy as I'd have hoped, it seems to be working now. I've just got to replicate the approach that I've used on my test system on the live system and all should be well - at least for now.

Thanks again, JohnKnutson

SimonMichael, 2003/04/03 16:26 GMT
John - thanks. If you get any more insight, please post. This is supposed to be easier.. I know some people have made larger upgrade jumps without trouble. See if the latest Zwiki and Plone sparks any ideas.

property change --SimonMichael, 2003/05/06 23:22 GMT
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