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Reported by az` on irc.

Symptom: you try to set up WikiMail for a wiki in a CMF or plone site, but comments are not mailed out. In the zope event log, with STUPID_LOG_SEVERITY=-100 you'll see an error traceback.

Preliminary fix: at line 1586 change subject_heading=None to subject_heading='' (and restart zope).

Or, add the subject_heading field from ZWiki/skins/default/wikipage.zpt to ZWiki/skins/zwiki_cmf/ and restart.

Or, customize portal_skins/wikipage_footer and add it there.


  1. zwiki_cmf skin is missing a subject field
  2. zwiki mailout should not error because of a missing subject field
  3. #482 errors should appear in event log at default severity

fixed in cvs --SimonMichael, 2003/04/03 04:44 GMT
Yes, line 1586 seems to do the trick.