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I like zwiki's IssueTracker most. I think it is the best tracker product among all others. You can define category, severity by your own and the page arrangement is very neat and clear. Therefore, It is very easy to implement. Once it is done, it can be simply copy and paste to other wiki site.

I would like to ask implementation of zwiki IssueTracker inside plone.


copying properties needed --FlorianKonnertz, 2003/07/27 03:36 GMT reply
I use a plone Wiki Folder for NooWiki and copied all pages from the old wiki location per sript to it. So now all folder properties had to be added manually. Here's a script to do this::

""" Copy all properties from source object to dest object. """

SOURCEDIR = noowiki-old DESTDIR = noowiki

source = context.restrictedTraverse(SOURCEDIR) dest = context.restrictedTraverse(DESTDIR)

source_props = source.propertyItems() dest_prop_ids = dest.propertyIds()

for prop in source_props: id = prop[0] if id not in dest_prop_ids: value = prop[1] type = source.getPropertyType(id) try: dest.manage_addProperty(id, value, type) print property copied , id, value, type except: print property could not be created : , id, value, type

return printed

You have to edit the SOURCEDIR und DESTDIR. - Of course the script can be used for all objects, not only wiki folders.

duplicate --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 00:08 GMT reply
See IssueNo0445? . (nice script Florian)

property change --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 00:08 GMT reply
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