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"standard_wiki_footer.dtml" checks for existance of ExternalEditor using

<dtml-if "_.hasattr(manage_addProduct,ExternalEditor) and AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_permission(View management screens,this())">

This fails for me using ExtenalEdior? 0.7 and ZWiki 0.18. I have more success with

<dtml-if "_.hasattr(manage_addProduct,externalEdit_) and AUTHENTICATED_USER.has_permission(View management screens,this())">

Greetings Berthold

strange --simon, 2003/05/09 16:47 GMT
With EE 0.7 here, hasattr(manage_addProduct,ExternalEditor) is still true. I note uses a different check:

  hasattr(root.misc_,'ExternalEditor') and
  user.has_permission('Use external editor',here)"

I'd try customizing your footer to remove the AUTHENTICATED_USER check, and of course make sure the EE product initialized correctly.

property change --simon, 2003/05/09 16:48 GMT
Severity: serious => normal

... --bhoel, 2003/05/12 08:50 GMT
I'd say EE is initialized correctly. I see the little pencils all over the ZMI, but only miss them on ZWiki pages. I customized my footer to replace the check, but I don't like these changes that have to be done again whenever installing a new version of the Software.

... --SimonMichael, 2003/05/12 21:12 GMT
It's just for debugging purposes. So, did that change make it work ?

... --bhoel, 2003/05/13 07:57 GMT
The AUTHENTICATED_USER check was not the problem. The hassattr check did fail.

Removing the check did work for me. Also making the change proposed in my original post did work. Could it be that there is some cruft is left over from older EE installations in your installation that makes the _.hasattr(manage_addProduct,ExternalEditor) check work?

... --simon, 2003/05/13 15:51 GMT
I see. I think you're right, and/or perhaps it was acquiring the ExternalEditor wiki page.

Ideally I'd check for ExternalEditor in Control_Panel.Products; I think manage_addProduct is used because it's always accessible. So I'll go with your version. Thanks!

correction --simon, 2003/05/13 16:01 GMT
Actually.. the page templates' hasattr(root.misc_,ExternalEditor) check looks better, I'll stick with that. And standard_wiki_footer has been retired. So there's nothing to do for 0.19, except perhaps add a known issue/faq.

property change --simon, 2003/05/13 16:04 GMT
Title: IssueNo0514 Bad check for ExternalEditor in "standard_wiki_footer.dtml" => IssueNo0514 Bad check for ExternalEditor in standard_wiki_footer.dtml Status: open => closed


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