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:( Investigate. The archive will need cleanup too, cf #505 spam in mailman archives.

... --PieterB, 2003/06/11 10:48 GMT
I think this is a Zope transaction error or something like that. It was discussed a while ago on ZopeDev? or Zope3Dev. Maybe using asynchronous mail like MailDropHost fixes this problem. Let me know if you can't find the information or need help fixing this.

... --PieterB, 2003/06/11 10:54 GMT
Does this still occur?

From: SimonMichael Date: 2003/06/20 10:20 GMT Subject: update, bugfix

Zwiki was delivering mail from the list back to the list, causing duplicates for mailman subscribers. Contrary to the comments in, mailman's duplicate filtering doesn't help here since we don't preserve the original message-id (yet). I think in the past I had hardcoded this as described in, so that mail from the list was not mailed out at all. This was not correct either, because zwiki should deliver to the other subscribers, eg page subscribers. So, I've replaced comment's do_mailout argument with exclude_address, which allows to exclude just the X-BeenThere? address from zwiki mailout.

From: SimonMichael Date: 2003/06/20 10:22 GMT Subject: fixed

Status: open => closed