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Suggestion: Add try/except around call of index_object. (as seen in edit)

SimonMichael, 2001/11/28 14:42 US/Pacific (via web):
more info please -

Thx --SM

downgraded this to normal.

JensQ?, 2001/11/29 00:53 US/Pacific (via web):

It's DTMLDocumentExt? - not installed here. Maybe you should have some support for Zwiki on systems w/o it, e.g. by installing dummy functions if index_object is not available?

Btw, it's not possible to find DTMLDocumentExt? via Search on, maybe a link to the download site would be a good thing.

2001/11/29 10:45 US/Pacific (via web):
Ah, I didn't understand that this is referring to the same thing as IssueNo0054?. Yes, I intended for it to be optional but not required.

SimonMichael, 2001/11/29 22:31 US/Pacific (via web):
fixed in 0.9.8