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Workaround: add these to PAGE_TYPE_UPGRADES in ZWiki/

        'stxprelinkfitissue'        :'msgstxprelinkfitissuehtml',
        'wwmlprelinkfitissue'       :'msgwwmlprelinkfitissue',

or use the latest CVS code.


I just updated ZWiki from 0.19.0 to 0.20.0. I went through UpgradeGuide? and ReleaseNotes but didn't find any way of converting the old pagetypes to the new one. I thought the auto-upgrade feature would do this for me, but it didn't work. I don't have standard_page_type or allowed_page_types definied. Every site I call looks like an uninterpreted Wiki-Website. One can see all the wikitags for remote urls and stuff like this. I'm running plone 1.0.3 and zope 2.6.1.


(new) --Simon Michael, 2003/07/03 09:02 GMT reply
What page type appears in the ZMI (PAGEURL/manage_propertiesForm) ?

(new) -- 2003/07/03 12:48 GMT reply
standard_page_type: stxprelinkfitissue

allowed_page_types: wwmlprelinkfitissue stxprelinkfitissue

(new) --Simon Michael, 2003/07/03 16:17 GMT reply
But what's the page type ? PAGEURL/manage_propertiesForm .

... -- 2003/07/03 16:22 GMT reply
Ups sorry Simon. I read PORTALURL... argl :)

The type is: dtmlhtml

Actually, the site looks like: There you see all the html-tags too!

From Samotnik I upgraded successfully. However, the edit form in Plone displays 4 times: structured text. Which one to choose? :)

A format of comment lacking --Samotnik, 2003/07/03 21:05 GMT reply
i.e. all this lacking :

  <img src="discussionitem_icon.gif" style="border:none; margin:0" /><b>title</b>

And message in the edit form of the HelpPage is:

Warning: This page's current type (stxprelinkhtml) is not one of the allowed page types for this Wiki. Saving this page will change it's type and probably break it.

Aha.. --SimonMichael, 2003/07/04 08:52 GMT reply
Those two page types were removed, but I didn't add corresponding auto-upgrade definitions. Fixed in CVS. I think adding these to PAGE_TYPE_UPGRADES in will be enough:

        'stxprelinkfitissue'        :'msgstxprelinkfitissuehtml',
        'wwmlprelinkfitissue'       :'msgwwmlprelinkfitissue',

Also update your standard_page_type and allowed_page_types (or remove those properties until things are working).

How to do the update of these two types? - I'm not a programmer - Samotnik

As for the page with the dtmlhtml type - that's a valid type, so that page should be working normally.

property change --SimonMichael, 2003/07/04 08:56 GMT reply
Title: IssueNo0546 Problems updating from 0.19.0 to 0.20.0 => IssueNo0546 0.20 fails to auto-upgrade certain page types, displays plain text

PS --SimonMichael, 2003/07/04 09:02 GMT reply
Please open a separate issue for the duplicate types in plone editform if that persists (it should look like . Thanks for the report.

fixed for 0.21 --SimonMichael, 2003/07/04 09:02 GMT reply
Status: open => closed

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