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Every time I try to create a new page in a ZWiki integrated into Plone, I get an editform for the current page instead of an empty form for the new page to be created. For example, if I add the WikiName "ANewPage?" to the "FronPage?" and click on the question mark, I will get an editform with the contents of "FrontPage" instead of an empty form for "ANewPage?".

I am using Zope 2.6.1, CMF 1.3.1, CMFPlone? 1.0.3, and the current CVS head for ZWiki 0.20. I have used the instructions in Zwiki and Plone for the installation of the ZWiki for Plone. The problem only occurs, when placing the ZWiki inside a Plone Site. Ordinary ZWikis? outside of Plone run without a problem.

This can also be seen at .

... --2003/07/22 14:16 GMT reply

This has been an ongoing problem that has been commented on several times by users but doesn't seem to be getting much attention. In a system we are using it is a barrier to user acceptance and for an otherwise good product - an issue that should be dealt with. So far we haven't seen any suggestions about how to correct it.

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It's probably related to the changing base tags in CMF. I'll look into it. -- Alexander Limi

fixed for 0.21 --SimonMichael, 2003/07/24 20:20 GMT reply

We found a breakage introduced in 0.19 but hidden by another issue.

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Thank you for fixing this quickly. However, there is still a minor problem. In my fresh installation (unlike yours at the Plone-ZWiki's editform contains entry fields for both, the body and the title of the new page to be created. Unfortunately, ZWiki still automatically fills in the title of the parent page which has to be corrected manually. Can you fix this, too, or is there a way to disable the title entry in the Plone-ZWiki, so that the title is left empty (as done in the standalone ZWiki)?

... --SimonMichael, 2003/07/25 15:54 GMT reply

I've removed the title field again. Thanks for the reports.

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