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Again, as mentioned in the IssueNo0552? , comment heading are not displayed properly if timezone has non-ASCII characters. That is the case in Polish name of Central Europe (Europa Środkowa).

The heading has neither image nor bold style, and is full of redundant information; something like that (if translated back to English):

From admin From: admin Date: 2003/07/27 11:52 Central Europe (stand. time) Subject: My new subject WikiWikiWeb markup Message-ID: <20030727115248Central Europe (stand. time)@localhost:8080>

However, now the solution proposed in the issue No0552 doesn't apply, as the code of is changed.

Any other solution, please.


... --SimonMichael, 2003/07/29 04:27 GMT reply
See latest discussion on [IssueNo0552 comment headers not formatted in certain timezones]?. I believe the %z change in may be enough.

duplicate --SimonMichael, 2003/07/31 01:47 GMT reply
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