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Structured text not rendered in new instance of wiki --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/07/26 02:55 GMT reply
Hi Simon: Here is how the standard out-of-the-box FrontPage is rendered without translating structured text John

Structured text not rendered in new instance of wiki --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/07/26 18:30 GMT reply
Hi Simon: The problem is universal at Zettai.Net where all zwikis operating under the shared ZMI are experiencing the problem as I reported above with the standard wiki page rendering routine derailed some how when version 2.0 was loaded to replace the prior recent version of Zwiki. So not only are all of my Zwikis are down pending what George at Zettai.Net will need to know but I would assume that none of the others are working from a response that I received from George. If we who are hosted at Zettai.Net, I think George, who has over 200 accounts using Zettai.Net for ZMI et cetera, and I would both like to see structured text working again. What does George at Zetta.Net need to do--perhaps regress to a version earlier than 2.0. Many thanks, John

Structured text not rendered in new instance of wiki --SimonMichael, 2003/07/29 02:10 GMT reply
This might be a consequence of IssueNo0564? . It looks as if this wiki (or a folder above it) has an allowed_page_types property. Removing or fixing that property's type may allow this wiki to render properly.

... --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/07/29 03:06 GMT reply
Thanks Simon, I deleted and reentered the property:


as suggested and then changed "string" to "lines" with the result that the error does not occur. However, this instance of wiki that was created after wiki 2.0 was installed will not render structured text and the following comes up above the edit window when the full-page editor is invoked:

Warning: this page's current type (stxprelinkhtml) is not one of the allowed types for this wiki. Saving this page will change it's type and probably break it.

Thanks, for your help in working this through. John

... --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/07/29 03:11 GMT reply
Simon: My next move was to switch out "msgstxprelinkdtmlfitissuehtml" and put "stxprelinkhtml" in its place in the property. With that done the warning message does not appear above the edit window. The page is rendered but not the structured text. That problem persists. Thanks for the help here, John

(cf 0564) --SimonMichael, 2003/07/30 21:35 GMT reply
Status: open => pending

... --JohnDeBruyn, 2003/07/31 15:11 GMT reply
Simon, Should I suggest that Zettai.Net proceed with the recent patch to up date 2.0. I saw one report of that patch not taking as contemplated. I am not versed in the up grades was that a revised version or a patch. Again, thanks, J.

clarifications --SimonMichael, 2003/08/01 20:24 GMT reply
Hi John -

Today is release day and I'm pretty sure we're good w.r.t. this issue, I'm going to close it so I can proceed with 0.22 final. Zettai should go ahead and upgrade to this at their convenience. Hope this helps.

presumed allowed_page_types mixup --SimonMichael, 2003/08/01 20:25 GMT reply
Status: pending => closed