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Untested workaround: use these files from 0.20: '', 'CMFInit?.py', 'Extensions/'.

Otherwise, it's back to 0.20.. at least long enough to move all your wiki pages to an ordinary folder (and replicate any special properties you may have had on the Wiki Folder).

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --2003/08/02 22:04 GMT reply

Why not reinstate the WikiFolder? class, but leave out the machinery to create new instances. I don't know if the metadata for WikiFolder? is still needed. My basic idea is to put WikiFolder? in a deprecated status that allows us to move easily to a regular plone folder without having to revert ZWiki versions (even if just temporarily).

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --FredYankowski --2003/08/02 22:06 GMT reply

[That was me, Fred Yankowski, just above. My old brain doesn't always remember the odd convention here for signing subject lines.]?

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --SimonMichael, 2003/08/02 22:11 GMT reply

That sounds ideal.

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --FredYankowski --2003/08/02 22:18 GMT reply

I just hacked my CVS HEAD snapshot of ZWiki to add back a minimal WikiFolder?, and it looks like that will suffice. I can see my Wiki pages again in both the ZMI and as a visitor. Now to copy over to a regular folder...

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --FredYankowski --2003/08/02 22:33 GMT reply

I got a bunch of POSKeyErrors? from ZEO when pasting WikiPage? objects into a new plone folder. Those objects were copied from a WikiFolder?. The copied objects seem to work OK. How do I get the new plone folder to display FrontPage as the default document (a FAQ, I'm sure)?

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --FredYankowski --SimonMichael, 2003/08/02 22:41 GMT reply

Great. You enticed me into trying the same.. zwiki-cvs has this added to, but not tested:

class WikiFolder(SkinnedFolder): # backwards compatibility
    meta_type='Wiki Folder'

You can ignore zope's POS key errors I believe. With current Plone (though not plone-cvs) you need to set up an index_html DTMLMethod that redirects to FrontPage (copy from your old wiki using ZMI).

signing tip --SimonMichael, 2003/08/02 22:42 GMT reply

oh, you don't need to enter your name in the subject field - set it once at UserOptions?.

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --FredYankowski, 2003/08/02 22:46 GMT reply

I just discovered that when I copied the WikiPages? over, index_html got renamed to copy_of_index_html. Renaming that back to index_html sets things straight again.

Reinstate minimal WikiFolder? --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 17:31 GMT reply

This is what's needed in, so that wiki folder contents can be viewed:

# backwards compatibility
class WikiFolder(SkinnedFolder):
    meta_type='Wiki Folder'
    security = ClassSecurityInfo()
    def allowedContentTypes( self ):
        return []

In zwiki-cvs, bugfix release to follow.

fixed in 0.21.1 --SimonMichael, 2003/08/03 18:08 GMT reply

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