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zwiki 0.22rc4:

  1. create a new page of type 'html', type some text
  2. go to the edit form
  3. change the text a bit, leave everything else as is, save
  4. curse when you notice that the page type suddenly reverted to the default value

in step 2 the page type drop down in the form does not indicate the current page type (no option tag has a 'selected' attribute)

fixed --simon, Wed, 03 Sep 2003 21:41:33 -0700 reply

This wiki's standard_page_type property was forcing new pages to STX, regardless of the edit form. I've removed this option from the software; the same effect can be achieved with a one-item allowed_page_types list.

fixed for 0.22 --simon, Wed, 03 Sep 2003 21:45:06 -0700 reply

Title: 'IssueNo0599? current page type is not preselected in the edit form' => 'IssueNo0599? standard_page_type property causes new page type confusion' Status: open => closed