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This is with: Zwiki 0.21.1 in Plone 1.0.3:

From a user w/IE 6 on Windows 2000: When she adds a comment or edits a page with existing comments and saves the edits, the "From" line is garbled:

"From UserName?" is changed to to something like this: "Wrom: YOQKEDOTWFAOBU", which the wiki engine doesn't recognize and so doesn't render.

No one else has reported this and doubtless many are using IE6 Windows, but I figured I'd report it. You can see an example here:

What's particularly weird is that it does this to all existing comment headers on a given page after editing and saving the page.


bizarre --SimonMichael, Sun, 05 Oct 2003 22:25:30 -0700 reply

Thanks for the report. I have no ideas alas, until we find someone who can debug it or I can reproduce it here (or get shell admin access to your zope). Ideas anyone ?

bizarre --DeanGoodmanson, Mon, 01 Dec 2003 21:13:13 -0800 reply

Here's some left field thoughts:

IE has been known to have different content on a page source of a view and a saved target. Could the line break 'n' be confusing the scenario, as windows newline is rn (but not necesarily in a web/xml world...)

property change --simon, Sat, 12 Jun 2004 02:06:42 -0700 reply

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