Submitted by : DeanGoodmanson at: 2003-12-01T21:15:57+00:00 (17 years ago)
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Currently you can add a log/subject entry, but you can't add a commen.

There's an elegant and a brute way to add this feature.
Below is the brute way:

  1. Add a 2/3 line comment box near the issue editing box, replacing "optional note".
  2. Add a parameter "text" to tracker.changeIssueProperties(), using that to build the comment instead of the current comment string name. Changes will Including the property change information before the comment text.

Questions: Should default subject text box include "Propety Change"? This will be the text if subject is blank.

Please also add/change how you percieve this implementation should be.


UI ? --simon, Tue, 02 Dec 2003 11:29:40 -0800 reply
This would mean two comment forms, right ?

So, what's the elegant way ?? :)

test --DeanGoodmanson, Wed, 03 Dec 2003 20:23:09 -0800 reply

UI ? --DeanGoodmanson, Wed, 03 Dec 2003 20:33:56 -0800 reply
Yes, unless the comment form was removed from the bottom through setting a page variable flag to hide it. :-/

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Originally submitted by: DeanGoodmanson at: 2003-12-01 21:15:57(1 day ago)
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UI ? --DeanGoodmanson, Wed, 03 Dec 2003 20:41:31 -0800 reply
yuck. gotta stop for now.

two forms --DeanGoodmanson, Thu, 04 Dec 2003 17:14:23 -0800 reply
The above represents a way that the comment form could be embedded with the issue update, the other implementation could be a form which covers the whole page, and re-defines the comment section to action against the Tracker page. (Or pass through from a comment method??)

page code no parameters --DeanGoodmanson, Sun, 07 Dec 2003 22:36:52 -0800 reply
The following code checks (new) parameters in the changeIssueProperties method. These parameters also need to be added to the issue form prototyped above. Also remaining is whether to remove or keep the footer comment bar.

code :

        # comment portion
        if text:
            comment = comment + text
        a_reply_to = None
        a_use_heading = None
        if in_reply_to:
        if use_heading:
            a_use_heading = use_heading
        if subject_heading:
            log = subject_heading:
            log = log or 'property change'
        self.comment(text=comment, subject_heading=log, in_reply_to=a_reply_to,use_heading=a_use_heading,REQUEST=REQUEST)


I thought too long on how to do this elegantly, ended up with featuritus. :-(

What I was hoping for is that every special edit (comments, tracker changes, pre-pend, append, insert, blog) passes through the comment (or "update") form, which then passes on the request (or *kw) on to the seperate input value named function. This other function would update properties, edit the text, and render the appropriate macro (right?) for the potentially custom page (like an Issue page's update form). The last part I have no idea how to do, but I love the idea of a user being able to "skin" the Issue page. Up-to defining a custom form (for custom layout and fields) and a custom handler...can a ZMI script be called from product code, AND update properties? The other lost intention was a list property enumerating each of the properties that would be checked for in the *kw or REQUEST and added/replaced by the magic Update function. (How to set these on a mail-in?)

... --EmmaLaurijssens, Tue, 20 Mar 2007 16:13:13 +0000 reply
Status: open => closed

We have this now