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cc from GeneralDiscussion:

Alas! TheSpamProblem has officially arrived at Time for us to do whatever real mailing lists do.

If I can I will set up razor-based spam checking on the server. Other options include some form of moderation, and restricting mailin to subscribers or anyone who responds correctly to a mailback. The latter seems like a decent solution actually.

SimonMichael, 2002/02/08 07:38 US/Pacific (via web):
But it shouldn't be necessary. <grumble.>

Simon, 2002/03/13 20:59 GMT (via web):
Added a subscribers-only flag to mailin and enabled it by default.

2002/06/06 20:16 GMT (via web):
i reopend this issue. lists my e-mail address (and I don't like that). It should be controllable per wiki, in order to allow listing mailadresses on intranets.


Simon, 2002/06/07 02:03 GMT (via web):
Where ? Do you mean in the comment heading when you mail-in ?

2002/06/09 08:48 GMT (via web):
Yep, I think the comment heading should be cleaned of any mailadresses as well. Even better is to give the users the ability to add a "WikiName" for their e-mailadress, so that [email protected] will be presented as MyName?.



2002/06/18 15:05 GMT (via web):
Ok, I made a very rudimental patch for fixing this problem:

diff 220c220 < page.comment(use_heading=1, text=msg.body, username=re.sub(r'(?m)^(.)@(.)',r'\1',msg.sender), note= (via mail),


> page.comment(use_heading=1, text=msg.body, username=msg.sender, note= (via mail),

(in words: only user the part of the e-mailadress before the at-sign)

2002/06/18 15:31 GMT (via web):
to comply with RFC2822, it is better to replace:




(it's line 220 in the CVS-version)

Simon, 2002/06/25 17:18 GMT (via web):
Thanks Pieter. I checked a modified version of this into cvs, it uses the first component of the email address if there is no real name. Untested.