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ŚpiąceŁabędzie is not recognized as a wiki link on this server.

No locale is configured here, so the default set of international characters is in effect:

U = 'A-Z\xc0-\xdf'
L = 'a-z\xe0-\xff'

Does this not include the polish characters ?

I think not... --Samotnik, Fri, 09 Jan 2004 16:05:01 -0800 reply

because, for instance, we have also z-dot and z-accent: ż and ź

... --SimonMichael, Thu, 29 Jan 2004 22:10:57 -0800 reply

It's now more like:

U = string.uppercase + \
L = string.lowercase + \

which does not include the polish characters, which look like xc4... xc5... I believe. If you can enter a list of all the accented polish letters here or on InternationalCharacterExamples I might add them to the default set.

Has this been addressed? --DeanG, Wed, 01 Dec 2004 21:44:16 -0800 reply

I see Polish as a section on the International Character Examples page.

doubles? --betabug, Sun, 05 Aug 2007 04:48:42 -0700 reply

I believe #886 #714 and #679 are all the same problem. All of these are now On Betabug's List