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A place to gather bug reports/enhancement proposals for the MailSupport?.formatMailout method. Apparently it has screwed up once too often, and it's proposed that mail-ins should be passed through without reformatting. I'm (SM) urging that this area be handled with care.

See the discussion starting here:

I believe this was the message demonstrating the problem (The one preceding it seems to have been handled correctly.):

in mailman

Let's clarify the things it's doing wrong:

  1. the citations in that message were all paragraph-filled together. I believe this happens when the incoming message has citations formatted in a slightly non-standard way. Or, and, I believe it's prone to happen with the first paragraph of a message, where the first "so-and-so wrote:" line confuses it.
  2. It will break a long URL (eg) to enforce the maximum line length, see one of Bob's replies in the above thread.
  3. Arguably Zwiki shouldn't be reformatting mailed-in messages at all - they should be passed through unchanged. This used to be the case, but was changed to fix an inconsistent formatting problem; details somewhere in this wiki (see IssueNo0340? & IssueNo0127? ). Unfortunately I don't yet remember the exact case this solved, but it was one that had annoyed us for a long time..
  4. Anything else ?


format on submission? -- Mon, 02 Feb 2004 16:03:17 -0800 reply
It seems to me this is a generic email problem. I mean, I receive emails from people all the time who use some kind of html emailer that does not wrap lines, leading to exactly one \n per paragraph. I gather you want to wrap lines when people type things in the "add a comment" box? I googled a bit and perhaps what you really want is wrap=hard or wrap=physical in the textarea? (you have wrap=virtual now, which apparently isn't part of XHTML and is probably the source of some trouble)

So...I think it shouldn't be solved. Don't touch the formatting of input at all. Long lines in the pages is unfortunate, but probably a fact of life. Consider for instance typing a large StructuredText table. You can do it in a text box or email, but formatMailout would destroy it.

I want to make multipart/alternative on mailout that renders the message to HTML, which will look really nice in HTML-capable email clients (and there will be no issue of long lines). I also want to set up a mechanism that will email the user back if there is a formatting problem. (important for me for latex errors) It should tell the user there is a problem in their submission and to fix and resubmit before it's sent.

mailout formatting disabled for 0.29 --simon, Thu, 25 Mar 2004 23:47:46 -0800 reply
Bob has disabled this. We did it for a reason, which may have been largely that I was using a mailer that didn't wrap very well. Let's try it this way for a while.

mailout formatting disabled for 0.29 --Bob McElrath?, Fri, 26 Mar 2004 00:23:46 -0800 reply
simon []? wrote:

Bob has disabled this. We did it for a reason, which may have been largely that I was using a mailer that didn't wrap very well. Let's try it this way for a while.

I was trying to be sneaky...since no one gave me a good reason why this code was there. ;)

If it doesn't break anything, all the format_mailout code should probably be removed, because otherwise it's not being used.

Cheers, Bob McElrath? [Univ. of California at Davis, Department of Physics]?

property change --simon, Mon, 26 Apr 2004 16:54:02 -0700 reply
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