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I provide this issue to discuss the rendering of messages. I propose to render messages individually and selectively, rather than the current way which puts the entire page with all messages into a big string and then calls renderStxIn(). The current ZWikiPage.preRender looks like:

        t = text or (page.document()+'\n'+MIDSECTIONMARKER+ \
        t = page.applyWikiLinkLineEscapesIn(t)
        t = self.renderStxIn(page, t) 
        if page.usingPurpleNumbers(): t = page.renderPurpleNumbersIn(t)
        t = page.markLinksIn(t)

Instead I propose that renderStxIn (and other functions) only be applied to the document, and preRenderMessage(s) handle calling renderStxIn (and others) for messages.

I propose this because

An example of STX failure is in the last message on my Test Page

-- Bob