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Transcription of accented letters (a proposal)

Current situation: If accented letters are used in page names, a page with Title like "A Plone tartalomkezelő rendszer használatáról" will have the following URL: "APloneTartalomkezel?_c5_91RendszerHaszn_c3_a1lat_c3_a1r_c3_b3l" So it is quite hard to remember, reproduce it by hand, means less for search engines. It's a technically correct solution, since it makes difference between "a" and "á" , but not so good for everyday use.

Possible solution: Establishing a policy of transcription for accented letters like: "APloneTartalomkezeloRendszerHasznalatarol?"

Background: Its quite common is some areas (like SMS, URLs?, sometimes emails) to use plain letters instead of accented ones. It makes harder to understand, but works fine with the actual technical limitations, so people got used to it, no one expects correct accented letters from an SMS, URL and so on. The difficulty is that the way of trascription differs in each language: For instance in German letters like Ö Ü are written like OE and UE , while in Hungarian just O and U are used instead. Other common transcription example is between cyrillic and latin alphabets. For instance Чайковский is Tchaikovsky in English, Csajkovszkij in Hungarian, and so on ... Anyway it would be very useful to set a common trascription practice for at least the European languages, which would produce much more readable URLs?.

transcription of accented letters --simon, Fri, 27 Feb 2004 14:10:14 -0800 reply

I fully agree, at least as an option selectable in I guess we will need some tables of transcriptions for different locales. Does this need an issue page ?

transcription of accented letters --Wed, 10 Mar 2004 02:07:00 -0800 reply

Ok, filed this issue: #736 Transcription of accented letters in page title ? (depending on locale?). The site uses latin-1 encoding again, so I haven't deleted the stuff from this page yet.

... --simon, Mon, 14 May 2007 08:56:37 -0700 reply

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