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Using zope 2.7.0, zwiki 0.30.0, and plone 2.0rc6 mailin rejects messages to subscribed users when 'mailin_policy' is set to 'subscribers'. People who subscribe via Plone only have their usernames added to the 'subscriber_list' property for zwiki folders and pages. The methods 'isSubscriber' and 'allSubscriptionsFor' in '' (as called via '') do not translate the usernames in 'subscribers_list' to email addresses for comparison with the incoming messages captured via mailin.

The diff of a possible fix is shown below:

<                 if ((email and (string.lower(sub) == email)) or
>                 if ((email and (self.emailAddressFrom(sub) == email)) or
<                     if ((email and (string.lower(sub) == email)) or
>                     if ((email and (self.emailAddressFrom(sub) == email)) or