Submitted by : eXt at: 2004-06-08T13:45:29+00:00 (16 years ago)
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Plone site, ..anyurl../FrontPage/setupTracker called. When I get into 'filter issues' page I neither can search anything nor use any link.

Links looks like: .../FrontPage?category:list=ogolne&status:list=otwarty&sort_on=severity_index

and it should be: .../FrontPage/<span style="font-weight: bold;">filterissues</span>?category:list=ogolne&status:list=otwarty&sort_on=severity_index

can't reproduce --simon, Thu, 10 Jun 2004 18:28:11 -0700 reply

Using latest plone and zwiki, I made a new plone site, installed zwiki, created a page, visited /setupTracker, clicked filter issues. Filtering works fine and urls are correct.

It is already fixed in FilterIssues.stxdtml --eXt, Fri, 11 Jun 2004 08:38:20 -0700 reply

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