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>Some of the messages in the ZWiki UI are splitted into smaller parts in a fixed manner. For example, the last message in the edit form ist composed like this: {msg1: For editing help, see} {msg2: HelpPage} {fixed1: .}. Another example is the introduction in the subscription form: {msg1: You can subscribe to ... Or return to} {fixed: TheParticularPageName?}. This imposes a particular structure on the composed message, which makes it sometimes difficult to provide a nice translation. For example, you cannot use another sentence structure, which differes from the original one. Or in the second example above, the ellipsis was rather lengthy in the translation. So I would have preferred to use a short "You can either do this or return to PageName?." following the lengthy explanation about the effects of this and that.
>In my opinion it would be easier for translators, if the messages were not splitted beforehand, but they would be able to reference the dynamic information (this is already done in some messages like those for the page rating). For example: "last edited %(interval)s ago by %(user)s" or "You can do blabla or return to %(pagename)s. Subscribers will be notified blabla." With this approach they are free to use a different (and in their language more appropriate) sentence structure, they can use the appropriate punctuation marks (instead of the predetermined one), and there should be no more spaces in front of the punctuation marks (resulting from joining several messages).
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