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Issue mailin (using an address like needs some improvements.

An IssueTracker page was required - fixed.

Citations in the mailed-in message get formatted for web display, but ugly HTML appears in the mail-out.:

        # citations are normally formatted only within comments, but they
        # are often found in the body of mailed-in issue pages and we'd
        # like to display these nicely. Options ?
        # - format them here as a special case. This means the mailout
        #   contains ugly html.
        # - enable citation rendering everywhere. This deviates from standard STX etc.
        # - leave them unformatted
        # - post the issue details as a comment, not as the initial page
        #   text. Hey, that makes sense.

So the issue body is posted as a comment now, but this means two mailouts - fixed - and cruft on the issue page with subject appearing twice. Creation of normal pages has this problem too.


mailed-in issues send out citation HTML, and require an IssueTracker page --Simon Michael, Thu, 15 Jul 2004 11:56:17 -0700 reply
Simon Michael wrote:

Jaap Noordzij wrote:

cited stuff

See if it's fixed now.