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  quoted-reply html stripping
  line wrapping ?
  extra blank lines

SimonMichael, 2002/03/11 01:49 GMT (via web):
In particular, stray html tags were being left in mailouts containing long quoted lines. This is fixed for 0.9.9.

SimonMichael, 2002/03/11 03:38 GMT (via web):
Fixed some sources of blank lines too. Leave the line wrapping for a wishlist issue.

SimonMichael, 2002/03/11 03:39 GMT (via web):
And by line wrapping I mean paragraph filling.

Simon, 2002/03/13 18:20 GMT (via web):
Reopened this (and tweaked the title). The mailout for generaldiscussion comment 2002/03/13 14:27 GMT contained some stray html. ok put this down to aberrant poster formatting

Simon, 2002/03/14 02:31 GMT (via web):
And: the mailout for a no-heading comment on TestPage just now has "\n " prepended and "\n\n\n" appended. fixed for 0.9.9


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