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I have IE6 in french and when I go to my Plone site the UI is in french and ZWiki UI too. But if I change my language browser in IE6 (Tools -> Internet Options -> Languages...), for example I switch french to english, the Plone UI is in english but ZWiki UI is still in french.

There isn't this problem with Mozilla FireFox?. I don't test with others browsers.

Nicolas Gouzy

gouzy at


Language selection --Racing Pitoune, Thu, 22 Jul 2004 16:16:56 -0700 reply
I'm using IE version 6.0.2800.(etc.) (English version) and accessing ZWiki in English, German or French depending on my IE language settings. If I unselect all languages in the IE Language Preference panel, I get an English display. I'd say your browser version is possibly the culprit here.

Language selection --Nicolas Gouzy, Fri, 23 Jul 2004 09:14:13 -0700 reply
I'm using IE version 6.0.2800 too, but French version. Perhaps, it's a bug of IE6 French version but why Plone is in good language but ZWiki is always in French ?