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 itsafire: Has anyone seen zwiki polluting other instances in zope 2.6.4 ?
 itsafire: well with instances i mean instanaces of objects, not zope instances.
 itsafire: when i did a xml export of one of my folders I found Products.ZWiki.mail references in some ZSQL-methods. Thus it's not importable on other zopes with no zwiki installed.
 itsafire: guess i have to recreate all polluted zsql-methods.
 itsafire: ah... maybe i should note, that i'm using debian sarge and thus I had v0.18 installed. But anyway, maybe it's helpful to know.


forward from zope list --Simon Michael, Fri, 01 Oct 2004 09:42:14 -0700 reply
Andreas Elvers wrote:

 > Hi,
 > today I tried to export a Zope folder (on Zope 2.6.4) and re-import it 
 > on a different system. I got an import error, telling me module 
 > Products.ZWiki.Mail is not available. After checking on my export 
 > system, I remembered that i had installed ZWiki 0.18 some time ago (in 
 > Debian/unstable). Well - ok... let's de-install it.
 > It did not work. I also tried to pack the database. But to no effect.
 > After doing an XML-export i found the problem. in some Z-SQL-Methods I 
 > found:
 >                   <item>
 >                       <key> <string id="96079.23" 
 > encoding="repr">parser</string> </key>
 >                       <value>
 >                         <global id="96079.24" name="atoi" 
 > module="Products.ZWiki.Mail"/>
 >                       </value>
 >                   </item>
 > Since I'm lazy: Do I only need to remove this <item> </item> pair and 
 > renumber the second part of the id for the whole record #96079 to get 
 > the import right ? Another option could be to recreate all polluted 
 > ZSQL-Methods.
 > Thanks for your help,
 > - Andreas