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(new) renaming a page in plone can lead to duplicates ? --Simon Michael, Thu, 30 Sep 2004 09:25:06 -0700 reply

>One of our wiki users ran across these problems with ZWiki 0.34 in Plone 2.0.4 (Win 2k). I looked through the notes, known problems, and bug stack but I didn't see any info that covered these issues, so here they are. All suggestions are welcome! >----- >1. Renaming a wiki creates a duplicate. > >* Create a new wiki page, e.g.: "getmsw". > >* Plone gives it the short name "Getmsw" and the title "getmsw", which is bearable >but not desireable. > >* Rename the page to short title = "getmsw", long title = "Get MSW", and >everything appears ok. > >* Edit the page, save it, then look in the contents view of the folder in which it resides. There are now two copies of the wikipage; one with the short name of "getmsw" and the other with the short name of "GetMSW?" > >Either of the pages can be edited and saved, but it's not a good thing that duplicates are created when a page is renamed. > >

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why --simon, Thu, 30 Sep 2004 16:45:46 -0700 reply

This is related to Zwiki's TitleIdLinkage? (need a page or faq for this).

Zwiki expects that id == canonicalIdFrom(title) for all pages. When you meddle with that, by renaming manually via plone or ZMI, the page will no longer work entirely as it should. For one thing, FreeFormLinks? won't find it. For another, the problem you note above: when you edit and save the page, zwiki sees the page name ("Get MSW"), does not find a page with the expected id ("GetMSW?"), assumes we did a rename and saves the page with the new id ("GetMSW?"), not realizing the page was there all along ("Getmsw").

There are a number of ways we could handle this particular issue, ideas welcome. Note dropping the id/title relationship is not appealing since it has been a huge win for simplicity and performance.

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Name: 'IssueNo0921? renaming a page in plone can lead to duplicates ?' => 'IssueNo0921? plone ui rename + edit causes duplicates'

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Permissions issue --EmmaLaurijssens, Thu, 15 Mar 2007 11:07:13 +0000 reply

If you revoke the 'add portal content' permission, it is not possible anymore to use the Plone UI to rename a page. Therefore, if you put your wiki in a separate folder, there's a tool to avoid this altogether.