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(new) hard to recover from edit conflicts with epoz ? --Simon Michael, Sat, 16 Oct 2004 18:58:47 -0700 reply
David Swift wrote:

I am running Zope 2.6.2, ZWiki 0.30.0, and Epoz 0.8.4. My problem is with edit collisions in ZWiki - hitting the Back button does not allow me to capture the editing I have done, as the collision page says it will do. I have the same results in Mozilla 1.6, Firefox .8, and IE6.

After looking through Epoz and ZWiki, it appears that the SyncEpoz? and InitDocument? javascript functions should be providing the capability to recover my edits. Putting in some alert()s confirms that the correct page data is there during an edit collision. It just doesn't appear in the Epoz editbox when I hit Back.

The structuredText editbox behaves as I would expect, in the instance of a collision. Hitting Back re-displays your edits.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? Did I possibly munge the install of Epoz somehow?

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