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We have not been able to run the unit tests for while. I tried to get them working this weekend. Someone nicely updated ZopeWiki:ZopeTesting . We should use from zope 2.7.3 or later. The make rule was basically right; I removed the env vars which are no longer necessary.

I tried two variants, --libdir (zwiki dir) and --libdir (products dir). The first fails, I forget why; the second seems to be working but fails during the import-and-collect-tests phase. The problem seems to be the PAGETYPES array, which for some reason is empty at this time. With python -v and various print statements I can see it being initialised twice (for some reason), resulting in double entries (maybe this explains the double latexwiki entries I always had), but it becomes empty again at the last step (in ZWikiWeb?.py) causing an error. I couldn't see why this happens.


fixed a while back, see #1048 --simon, Fri, 13 May 2005 15:47:02 -0700 reply
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