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Each page contains a string such as "last edited x ago by y" in the upper right corner. x names the time elapsed since the last edit and serves as a link to the corresponding diff.

The tooltip for this link is "show last edit ({log note})" or "show last edit" if no log note was specified for the edit--in theory. In praxis, the tooltip is "show last edit (({log note}))" and "show last edit ()" for empty log notes.

In order to correct this, the following changes have to made in and following:

 <                 if lastlog: lastlog = ' ('+lastlog+')'
 >                 if len(lastlog) > 0:
 >                     lastlog = ' ('+lastlog+')'
 <                     ' <a href="%s/diff" title="%s (%s)"  >%s</a>' % (
 >                     ' <a href="%s/diff" title="%s%s" >%s</a>' % (



thanks for submitting this, patch is in darcs now! --betabug, Wed, 14 Mar 2007 09:09:06 +0000 reply
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