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The ChatRoom functionality is a nice addition to a wiki culture. It trumps IRC in terms of archive and accessibility.

See also: ChatMode

But there's always room for feature requests...

Items which aren't likely to be within the bounds of a simple chat page:


Any page name --DeanG, Thu, 16 Dec 2004 11:42:23 -0800 reply
I wanted to setup a ChatRoom for a specific, one-time discussion: TodaysTopicChat , and be able to use that as a chat page via the /chat URL. No dice. ChatRoom is hard coded into the dtml support methods.

conflict-error minimization --DeanG, Thu, 16 Dec 2004 14:03:20 -0800 reply

Technically: Is the likelihood for a conflict error the SAME as that of getting one when adding a comment? I would hope so, but this needs to be confirmed.

Also, didn't see the need for the date and time methods when ZopeTime?().Time() did the job, and got rid if the ChatRoom name dependancy.

DeanG has entered 2004/12/16 14:03:40
DeanG: UURL/Some Page/chat redirects to ChatRoom, from any page. :-( 14:04:16
DeanG: #987 and ChatMode are open for discussion. 14:05:03
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