Notes about this early enhanced Zwiki skin. See also CustomizingTheSkin

Note: The commonplace skin doesn't work with versions of Zwiki past 0.33.0. Feel free to update the templates in commonplace and post them back to this page.

Commonplace is nothing more than a set of customized page templates for Zwiki originally put together by Jordan Carswell. These templates do not use all of the features available in the standard version of Zwiki so go to the url below to see if you really want to use them. You can also use this example to see what the Commonplace design looks like w/out modifications. (link dead as of Oct 2009)

They were basically created when Zwiki had no stylesheet and had significantly fewer features than it does today, so your mileage may vary with newer version of Zwiki. The main features are the ability to manage style properties through a form interface just like you can in plone. Change the colors, borders, typefaces, list styles, et al.

You can download the Zope archive below and import it through the ZMI. Again, these templates don't work in versions of Zwiki after 0.33.0.