something that says: "stop doing anything here" no wikiwords, no html, no dtml, and especially no structured text. Not util I say "ok start up again".

maybe ~ would have a use here?

It's possible. ~You would use the \~ character to stop all Wiki markup. Then, at the end, you simply use \~ to turn it back on again.~

Although, I think it might be better if we included a definate "open" and "close" tag: ~( and )~ for example. This way, the parser would be able to reference count these things, so we wouldn't have to escape them inside. Kind of like nested-comments in C. For example:

  ~( You would use ~( to start a block of text that shouldn't be processed by the Wiki, and use ~) to resume normal Wiki processing.  Note that ~( and ~) nest. ~)

What do you think?

Samuel A. Falvo II

2001/12/08 13:22 US/Pacific (via web):
yes, I like ~( and )~, plus this handles the nesting. - jason