We had some nice generated api docs at http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/doc/doxygen/html/ and http://zwiki.org/zwikidir/doc/epydoc/ , these are currently missing.

Here are some useful methods on zwiki page objects:

edit -- change a page

create -- make a new page

comment -- add a comment

reparent -- change a page's position in the hierarchy

delete -- delete this page

renderLinksIn -- render links in a fragment of text

renderText -- render some wiki markup as for the specified page type

include -- include the body of another page

wikiUrl -- the url of this wiki

pageUrl -- the url of this page

setupCatalog -- set up/configure a catalog in this wiki

setupTracker -- set up/configure an issue tracker in this wiki

updatecontents -- ensure the page hierarchy is up-to-date

upgrade -- upgrade and re-render this page so that it's compliant with the latest code

upgradeId -- ensure this page's id follows Zwiki policy

upgradeAll -- upgrade and fix up everything in this wiki