I'm starting a new (zwiki-based) blog. I plan to blog on Zwiki-related topics here (and, refine the zwiki-blog-building process.) Any other Zwiki user can post guest blogs, and I encourage that. I will be adding a proper feed and other standard blog comforts so that this will hopefully become something worth bookmarking.

Right now the only other zwiki-blog I know about is http://webseitz.fluxent.com/wiki , which has been running continuously since.. it looks like 2003 at least. It's a little hard for me to tell because the site is running a really well-matured Zwiki vintage (0.17). Way to go BillSeitz!


See BloggingDiscussion for some history of building blogs with Zwiki. I took ZwikiBlog from there and have been tweaking it. Instead of listing all recent pages, this version lists only its latest N direct child pages. So to make a blog post, create a new page below The Zwiki Blog. The plan is to have stable, blog-worthy content below this page, while (for now) existing within the larger wiki (which makes linking easy and keeps the zwiki.org url).

The index page is html+dtml, with comments and some edit features disabled. Here's the code which includes the rendered main text of its children.