Bridging the worlds of wiki and discussion is a research interest for Zwiki and, so you should find a rich set of options here for participating in just the mode that works best for you. See the pink discussion box on FrontPage for the essentials, or read on for more details.

Participating via IRC chat

  • The #zwiki chat channel is a good place to start, for quick help of all kinds. Being real-time, it can be a lot more efficient. Here's how:
    1. install an IRC client:
      • Pidgin is good for unix or windows users
      • Colloquy is good for mac users
      • Chatzilla works in firefox, all platforms
    2. point your client at server '', channel '#zwiki'. Once connected, say hi, ask your question, and wait a bit. Usually there will be someone awake to help you - if not, try again later, or ask on #zope or #plone. (If you type 'sm' in your message, he will notice more quickly.)

Participating via the web

  • You can post comments on any page using the form at the bottom. To sign your comments, click "options" and set your username first. Your comments will go out to all mail subscribers, unless you're on or under SandBox, so please do any tests there, to keep the quality of discussion high.
  • There is one page devoted entirely to general discussion; if you're not sure where or how to post, this is the place: GeneralDiscussion. Past discussion is archived at DiscussionArchive.
  • When a general page collects too many comments, we often move them to a subpage named ...Discussion. DiscussionPages? lists these.

Participating via email

The wiki can send and receive email to and from subscribers like a mail list.

  • To receive wiki changes by email, subscribe with the subscribe link at top right. You can subscribe to the whole wiki or just particular pages of interest. You will receive comments and page creations by default, or you can choose to receive all edits.
  • To post a wiki comment or create a new page by email, send mail to You must be subscribed somewhere in the wiki. Include the destination page name in brackets in the subject; if you don't, your mail will go to the GeneralDiscussion page by default.
  • To create a new issue in the IssueTracker by email, send mail to 'bugs at' (This address is not spam-protected so please don't link it). Again, you need to be subscribed somewhere.

Participating via NNTP newsgroup

The wiki is also bidirectionally gatewayed with a gmane newsgroup.

  • The wiki's comments and page creations are mirrored as a newsgroup at gmane, where you can use the web interface or a powerful newsreader such as Thunderbird to read, post, search, etc.: gmane.comp.web.zope.zwiki (info)

Participating via RSS feed

  • There are two standard zwiki RSS 2.0 feeds which you can use to monitor changes: pages_rss showing recently created pages and (less useful) changes_rss showing recently edited pages.
  • The gmane newsgroup's feed can be used to monitor all comments.

Monitoring all edits

For even more traffic, you can select the "all edits" checkbox when subscribing to the whole wiki; or equivalently, read the gmane.comp.web.zope.zwiki.edits newsgroup (info). This will show you every non-empty text edit on all pages (yes, for every tiny edit you make, sends out an email to the all-edits subscribers and the gmane edits newsgroup.) This is mainly useful for wiki maintainers to see and undo spam attacks. See also the graphs on the info page.

Discussion archives

This wiki holds all the Zwiki discussion since we started in 2000, on GeneralDiscussion, DiscussionArchive, other *Discussion pages, IssueTracker pages etc. You can search it all with a quick wiki search, use the form at top right.

Another option is to search the comments in the gmane newsgroup (perhaps with Thunderbird); there you can see the discussion threads more clearly.

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