(new) FYI: UN resolution 377 --Simon Michael, 2003/03/19 22:10 GMT
Hi all - if you disagree with current US actions, it won't hurt to send one of these. Details at http://www.ccr-ny.org/v2/reports/report.asp?ObjID=o3ONGr1exC&Content=207 and http://www.greenpeace.org/news/details?item_id=179491 . There's also a fax number for Russia which I don't have.:

 From: Simon Michael <simon@joyful.com>
 Subject: request to support UN resolution 377
 To: mexico@un.int, chile@un.int, pakistan@un.int, france-presse@un.int
 Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 13:49:46 -0800
 Organization: Joyful Systems

 Please invoke and support the Uniting For Peace resolution 377 to prevent
 the US military attack against Iraq.

 -Simon Michael
 Santa Monica, CA, USA