Additional panels (in header or footer), configurable in the UserOptions? providing

  1. links to corresponding SisterSite??-s
  2. the backlinks to the page.


You can have either one of them or both, i seperated the necessary steps.

Changes in UserOptions?:

At the top add to the cookie list:


At the bottom of the page add this section for SisterSiteLinks?:

  Links to SisterSite-s:
  <input type="text" name="zwiki_sistersitelinks" size=60 maxlength=3000 tabindex=6
  value="<dtml-var zwiki_sistersitelinks html_quote 

and this for BackLinks:

  Show BackLinksPanel ? 
  <select name="zwiki_showbacklinks" tabindex=10>
    <option value="">No</option>
    <option value="1" 
    <dtml-if "REQUEST.get('zwiki_showbacklinks',1)">selected</dtml-if>

Add DtmlMethods? to your parent wiki folder:


  <!-- sistersitelinkpanel -->
  <tr bgcolor="cccccc"><td colspan="3">
  <b> Check the SisterSite pages: </b> (if existing!) &nbsp;&nbsp;
  <dtml-let sslinks="REQUEST.get('zwiki_sistersitelinks',1)">
  <dtml-let sslinks2="_.string.split(sslinks,' ')">
  <dtml-in sslinks2 prefix=x>
  <a href="http://&dtml-x_sequence_item;/<dtml-var title_or_id>"> &dtml-x_sequence_item; </a> &nbsp;|&nbsp;
  <tr height="5" bgcolor="f0f0f0"><td colspan="3"></td></tr>
  <!-- sistersitelinkpanel end -->


  <!-- backlinks panel -->
  <tr bgcolor="dddddd"><td colspan="3">
  <b> Pages that link to this page (backlinks): </b> &nbsp;&nbsp;
  <dtml-let thispage=id>
  <dtml-in "aq_parent.objectValues(spec='ZWiki Page')" sort=id>
  <dtml-unless "_.string.find(_.getitem('sequence-item').raw,thispage) == -1">
  <a href="<dtml-var "_.getitem('id')()">"> <dtml-var "_.getitem('id')()"> </a> &nbsp;|&nbsp;
  <tr height="5" bgcolor="f0f0f0"><td colspan="3"></td></tr>
  <!-- backlinks panel end -->

Add the following to your standard_wiki_header or _footer. The examples above work only at the top of footer below the beginning of the link panel:

  <!-- link panel -->
  <dtml-comment>experimental feature
  <dtml-var seealso>
  <table width="100%" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" 
  <dtml-unless "REQUEST.get('zwiki_displaymode',0) == 'minimal'">

Coming right below:

  <dtml-if "_.haskey('zwiki_sistersitelinks')">
  <dtml-var sistersitelinkpanel>

  <dtml-if "_.haskey('zwiki_showbacklinks')">
  <dtml-var backlinkspanel>

Finally go to the UserOptions? page and configure your settings:

Enjoy your improved wiki browsing!

This is a ZwikiModification.

PageMaintainers: FlorianKonnertz, .... (ideas appreciated)