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Here's the code I added to standard_wiki_header; I assume the speed penalty imposed on all pages is negligible. --SM

<dtml-let "lines=_.string.split(AnnoyingQuote.raw,\n)">
<dtml-var "lines[len(lines)-1]">

RossL had the same idea and just added :

 <dtml-let quotes="_.string.split(AnnoyingQuote.raw,'~')">
 <dtml-var "quotes[_.whrandom.randint(1,_.len(quotes)-1)]">

to his standard_wiki_header - he uses tildes to separate the cookies 'cos it seems to work better. Works a treat. You could snarf them from the linux fortune files if you could remember where they are.....

cool.. fixed a typo above, hope I got it right

Why not use whrandom to give a different "cookie" on every page load? Like this (selecting one of the last 10 lines, for instance):

<dtml-let "lines=_.string.split(AnnoyingQuote.raw,\n)">
<dtml-var "lines[ len(lines) - _.whrandom.randrange( 10 )]">


trying it now.. selects from all lines below the rule.. it worked, didn't like it though --SM

Now what about randomizing the AnnoyingQuote? Might not be necessary on a busy Wiki, but it could keep the first quote from fading into obscurity.

Tried it, it was cool but too chaotic I felt. I'm assuming it will get changed by anyone who has the urge, that hasn't happened much yet. --SM

So... How about randomly selecting it every x hours? That might give enough time for a conversation about any given one to start...

I like the simple wikiness of the current setup - if you don't like the quote, you change it. Eg, you see an old quote that's fading into obscurity - rescue it. It loosely reflects the will of the community. I'm interested in seeing how this works out as we get more traffic. Conversations about quotes is an interesting possibility --SM

PS obviously, this isn't a fixed policy of ZWiki - a zwiki admin wanting different behaviour merely changes their standard_wiki_header

I really like it: MeatBall:FortuneCookie. --SunirShah

If you want a random FortuneCookie?, there's always the ZopeMember:lalo/Fortune product which replaces a <dtml-fortune> tag with a randomly selected fortune cookie from a UNIX fortune cookie database.

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/10/06 21:35 GMT (via web):
"Man looks up on a yellow sky
And the rain turns to rust in his eye.. "

Where's that one from?

Simon Michael, 2002/10/07 04:12 GMT (via mail):
"Old England is Dying", from "This is the Sea" by the Waterboys. Highly highly recommended! :)

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/19 20:21 GMT (via web):
Did the Unit Test statement come from a list?

Simon Michael, 2002/12/19 23:06 GMT (via mail):
Yes, perhaps it was zope3-dev. I have another for tomorrow.

Good educational software --DeanGoodmanson, 2003/04/13 01:33 GMT
I ask Kay how we encourage the production of better educational software for kids. He answers, "don't buy bad stuff."

Got my attention. Where can I read more?


Hi Simon --gus, Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:58:30 -0800 reply
Is very interesting your comment. I like wiki , wiki is a new form of produce knwoledge. blogs not.. Here in Argentina we begining a raecpedia for social science in Latin America in format wiki. See the item raecpedia , in spanish only for now regards gus

note: Moved from AnnoyingQuote -DeanG