Is it possible to have some sort of approval process, or may be just an alert process so that a zwiki gardener could check out what was being planted in the zwiki garden?

email notification is on the todo list..other ideas welcome. On WikiWikiWeb recently someone maintained a ChangeLogSummary? - he & others watched

RecentChanges? and wrote up a brief summary of what was going on --SM
The idea of ApprovingChanges? is somewhat hostile to WikiWikiWeb:WikiNature, which builds
on the notion that control of the content belongs to the community, which will, over time, do the RightThing? with it. Some wikis do have such mechanisms: OrganizationPatternsWiki?, for instance.
While any process that prevented new content

from being visible pending approval would be antithetical to the WikiWikiWeb:WikiNature, a process that allowed a Wiki admin to mark parts of a document as "protected" (always visible) or one that presented "unapproved" or "uncommited" changes in a slightly different mark-up (shaded background or different text color, for example)

might be nice. (Of course these might not work as well for Lynx, w3m, and other text browser users, but they

should FailGracefully?). Even BlockQuoting? (rendered as indentation by most browsers) as I'm using it here, can be a reasonable way to suggest content that might be "committed" later (by removing the &lt;blockquote&gt; tags). -- JimD </blockquote>

GeoffGardiner: I have just completed my ManagedMode additions. The approval mechanism is crude, but seems to be enough - I'm now starting to test it on our users here. Each page has the status of: <ul> <li> draft - normally editable by its owner and appendable by others, <li>ready for review - for predefined approvers - who can change page to <li>approved or rejected - the author can send back to draft if necessary. </ul>