id = &dtml-id;

title_or_id = &dtml-title_or_id;

id() = <dtml-var "id()">

title_or_id() = <dtml-var "title_or_id()">

backlinksFor(id()) = <dtml-var "backlinksFor(id())">

backlinksFor(title_or_id()) = <dtml-var "backlinksFor(title_or_id())">

Backlinks method: <dtml-in "backlinksFor(id())"><li><dtml-var "wikilink('['+title_or_id()+']?')"></li></dtml-in>



  • is not Free-Form Link friendly.

    • Expensive
    • Snags non-wiki page on free-form names that aren't a universal wiki-link
  • Footer reparent will toast

    • Backlink mgt. page non-backlinked parent pages,
    • Multiple backlink settings
  • Manual back-link searches are expensive, and not free-form friendly

  • Catalog back-link searches find all cases of free-form links, and I need to revisit to find the exceptions this has thrown on me in the past.

  • Searching the catalog for canonicalLinks may be critical.