As i started using Wiki Badges recently i started to wonder if anybody ever thought about voting on recommended actions like Delete Me or Rename Me. It should be straight forward and could replace the "if the badge has been around for long enough and nobody complaining" strategy of renaming and deletion.

See also: WikiBadges

On my Wiki Web BadgeInitiatedVoting? comes in two flavours:

Anonymous Voting:

  Rename Me suggested_name +BeWo ++--++- 

Note: "+" means affirmative and "-" stands for "no don't do that", the first (affirmative) vote carries a name to indicate who initiated the vote/inserted the badge

Personal Voting:

  Rename Me suggested_name +BeWo -whoever +whoever +whoever

All the votes carry a name, so the vote is a personal one.


On sites with lots of people contributing i'd favour Anonymous Voting. On the other hand it might be interesting to know voters personally, espacially if you get to know people after a while.

Okay lets try this one:

RenameMe BadgeInitiatedVoting? +BeWo -tav

personally, i believe this would be better handled by something separate to the wiki mechanism... e.g. a communcal box at the side of each page, that one can vote on... otherwise, i feel that it would distract from the content
tav - 31.01.2001

I really am not sure if i agree or disagree with you. I surely see the point in separating organizational stuff from content, but on the other hand you lose a lot of flexibility. Implementing voting or page regulation in Software will forcepeople to do it the way the programmer or maintainer want's them to or to ignore those features completly. This doesn't seem very wiki like to me and i suspect wiki evolution and the learning of the community will stop for issues dealt with in software. What's more, even useful software enhancements won't be picked up by other wikis most of the time, wheras useful conventions will find their way easily. Ok as it happens i convinced myself of disagreeing with you. ;)

I'd recommend keeping the softwarebasis as slim as possible and stick to the conventional way of doing things.
BeWo - 02.02.2001