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Hi there!

Good old zwiki times, nice to be here again :) This page is quite out of date, and maybe i'll clean it up someday. Thanks to FlorianKonnertz who stumbled upon some thoughts of mine on SubWiki and related topics so they havn't been lost. I had to quit my engagement in zwiki as i changed my job and therefore the pages have been abandoned for lack of time. Nevertheless i startet my own wiki engine to check and develop some of my ideas. It's working and in use, but it's not public yet and development stalled half a year ago. There is a huge stack of index cards with wiki ideas i'd like to realize. As soon as possible i'll go public and announce my prototype-testbed-whatever-wiki engine to those interested.

Old Stuff follows:

I'm using Zwiki as a basis for collaborative project documentation. Zwiki is a very cool basis for this kind of stuff, because you can build infrastructure just in time and integrate immediate feedback all the way down the road.

Zwiki's Zope basis allows for easy integration of additional services into the Zwiki project documentation site. At the moment additions i use include:

  - chat based discussions
  - browsing of local files

Main points in using zwiki for project documentation:

  - use standard headers for all the pages (as at the top of this page)
  - build a useful hierarchie of pages and document it
  - establish recommendations on how to use the projects wiki

Have a look at bugreports i filed at: LinkProblems, RenderingProblems

See more stuff i thought about:

  - UsingMultipleTemplatesQuestion
  - BadgeVoting
  - OnViewingExternalFiles
  - OnTrailingSpaces
  - MicroContent
  - AcquisitionAndNamespaces
  - RefactoringZwikiArchitecture
    - PageTypeFiltered
  - GeneratingTables
  - WikiAndForms
  - CallingIndirectlyWithParameters

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The hierarchy engine is a very useful supplement in Zwiki when fighting Wiki Chaos, thanks to whoever built it. that would be KenManheimer


Could you expand on how you integrate chat/discussions into the Zwiki? Thanks - jos

Hi jos, i started out using ZRTChat from zope.org and generated a chat with a WikiName id (like LatestNews?). I customized layout a little and added a kind of mailinglist people can subscribe to, so they can get new chatitems via mail if they do not wish to check the list regularly. (Useful when there is little traffic). Usually i announce important wiki changes and new features on such a chat, which kind of helps to deal with zwikis lack of a notification engine. A yes, frontpage of the wiki shows the latest chat items via an dtml-method. -- BeWo

Ya :)