This pages discusses Zwiki's BestPractices

FlorianKonnertz, 2002/12/18 14:52 GMT (via web):
interface to other ZwikiAdministration?

Hi Pieter, I'd like to help and add some points but I am a little bit confused where the borders to ZwikiAdministration? and ZwikiModification (ie modify RC etc.) are. Or should they overlap and we add detailed links to these pages here. - What do you think?

DeanGoodmanson, 2002/12/18 15:08 GMT (via web):
I wouldn't think ZwikiAdministration? should cover any ZwikiModification (file system code issues, at least) issues. There's a closer blur with DTMLCookbook, but even there common issues (changing the icon, setting up mail) go into administration.

Mail is an odd case, as setting up mailin with curl alternatives may require ZwikiModification...

To me this page is a page in the apprentice gardener's handbook. ;-) p.s. It's a singleton...

SimonMichael, 2003/01/20 04:16 GMT (via web):
How about renaming this to BestPractices and listing such things here, grouped by category, or linking them. It's a good name (and matching WikiWikiWeb is a plus) and could be the starting point for such things. WikiConventions should perhaps be merged. And move the comments.. off to BestPracticesDiscussion, I suppose, unless you can think of a better existing page, or unless we just delete them now that we've read them.

FlorianKonnertz, 2003/01/20 05:21 GMT (via web):
Some refactoring of this page with WikiConventions, WikiPolicy, ZwikiGardeningPolicy? and WikiContentPolicy is reasonable imo. And maybe link like that:

PieterB, 2003/01/20 23:32 GMT (via web):
+1 renaming ZwikiBestPractices? to BestPractices.

PieterB, 2003/03/22 17:00 GMT
FlorianKonnertz wrote 2003/01/20 05:31 GMT (via web)

> Hi Pieter, could you help refactoring ZwikiBestPractices?, please.

Florian, please bug me by e-mail if you want my input (I found this note today).

Renaming/refactoring page --PieterB, 2003/03/22 17:02 GMT
Renamed to BestPractices (+2 in 2 months) and splitting up in BestPractices page and BestPracticesDiscussion