Hi! I'm Sascha Welter, also known as betabug.

I've started to dabble with ZWiki at first around 2002, after that I didn't use it much for a long time. In the meantime I've created and run multiple Zwiki sites myself and for work, friends, and family. I've become more and more interested in Zope and Zwiki, so a short while ago I started to contribute a little bit to Zwiki code.

"My" Zwiki sites:

My personal site is at http://betabug.ch with a COREBlog? at http://betabug.ch/blogs/ch-athens - neither is done with Zwiki.

ZWiki skinning

One idea that got me working a lot with ZWiki is that I could take a ready made web site design from http://www.openwebdesign.org and turn it into a Zwiki skin. At first I described that idea on my blog article The Easiest CMS on Zope... Zwiki and with some more action (e.g. More Zwiki Skins and Skin Know-How, Skinning a Zwiki) and help from SimonMichael (aka sm) I've arrived at a little howto for this kind of thing: HowToCreateZwikiSkinsFromOpenWebTemplates


I have some plans for what I want to help with on ZWiki. Only time will tell if I can keep unslacking and helping.

  • zwiki.org wiki gardening
  • zwiki.org IssueTracker cleanup and bug hunting
  • code contributions - Detailed list of plans to follow soonish and of course open for discussion.
  • likely concentrate on fixing bugs for the next release, add new features only afterwards - issues that I take an interest in are now put On Betabug's List


Feel free to contact me in (my native) German, English, French, or Greek (Ελληνικά).