I work on LatexWiki. I have a home page. I keep a site of Notes using ZWiki and LatexWiki, which are little tidbits of information that one normally keeps in his head. I call it a knowledge base. It stores the minutae that I know, but might have forgotten some details. It is also searchable (including searching the LaTeX?!) which is a big benefit over my feeble memory or piles of paper on my desk. Professionally I am a theoretical particle physicist at UC-Davis, and all the information in my Notes is of a physics nature. LaTeX? equations are an absolute requirement for physics.

The LatexWiki distribution point is http://mcelrath.org/Notes/LatexWiki

In the process of doing this I have found it necessary to rewrite the Structured Text handling of zwiki. In the process I have added many enhancements and made it much more robust. I have a test wiki available, and the code is in darcs: http://bob.mcelrath.org/darcs/zwiki.


Debian Zope doesn't render images -- Sun, 12 Sep 2004 09:49:04 -0700 reply
I guess for security reasons all latex formula rendering cause an error in my Zope on Debian:

"... The object at http://noah:9673/hpwlatexwiki/images/1213390820-12px.png has an empty or missing docstring. Objects must have a docstring to be published...."

Could you possibly help how to resolve this issue. My not too deep experience with Zope and Debian suggests that some security set-up got changed, but you might know (so at least I hope ...)

Hans Peter

Solution found -- Sun, 12 Sep 2004 12:37:12 -0700 reply
A docstring in LocalFS.py on line 294 seems to be missing (at least for python 2.2 and Debian). Please consult: http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2003-October/019623.html

Hans Peter