A place that Ward, WikiWiki's father, set up for several lawyers and cpa's who were experimenting with the Wiki medium for group collaboration. It still exists:


This is NOT AcquisitionAndNamespaces? or WikiAcquisition or RemoteWikiLinks or InterWiki

and there is where JohnDeBruyn has yet another wiki home page:


and a collection of links to some other Wikis:


RemoteWikiURL: http://c2.com/w2/bridges/

Hi Nancy: You can experiment with this page which will


html codes and its own simplied codes.

  1. Press on the Edit this Page link down and to the right to edit this page. You can experiment at the foot of this page or create your own page here by clicking on the question mark after NancyGrekin?
  2. Check this out: these pages have a special system for linking pages that are off campus but on another wiki site try:


How they do that: The RemoteWikiURL page here explains the simple convention used to specially link page by creating a page like this on with the name of the distant site. For example BridgesWiki was connected by adding its URL as was done on this page just above Hi Nancy:

2002/07/06 03:57 GMT (via web):