I want to invite you to a Zwiki Bug Day on #zwiki, on the first friday of each month. The next will be friday June 1st. Start the month with a healthy round of bugfixing - learn about the fun darcs revision control system - get insight into Zwiki's internals - sucker others into solving that issue that's been bugging you - come one, come all. --SimonMichael

We'll update this page with notes and how-tos as needed.


The #zwiki channel is on irc.freenode.net. gaim and chatzilla are good cross-platform clients. I am in the US/Pacific timezone (GMT-8) so won't be responding during the first part of the day. I'll see the chat log when I come online. Here's all AboutZwikiDiscussion. --SM

See also http://plone.org/development/info/participation

Use of the tracker is encouraged, to bring visibility to tasks, bug levels and priorities. Get familiar with IssueTracker, IssueBrowser and FilterIssues. Click issues or press alt-t to jump there. http://zwiki.org/IssueBrowser?bare=1 is efficient for finding things to work on. We would like to make that turn green.

Ideas of HowToHelp

Here's my RoadMap2005.

Here's the WikiCleanup project.

Here's the ZwikiDocumentation. This page describes the new organization being applied project-wide, and includes some new docs SM is working on. If your zwiki skills are rusty you might want to refresh your memory at UsersGuide.

All old docs are linked on FrontPage, including the DeveloperNotes and the much-outdated FAQ.

The full history of past releases is at ReleaseNotes.

Details and how-tos for the Zwiki code repositories are at CodeRepos. You can browse the change history at http://zwiki.org/cgi-bin/darcs.cgi/ZWiki but the top-level change list is broken.

If you have a chunk of new code to contribute, review the issues at LegalDepartment.

ZwikiContributors needs a lot of work.

PeopleUsingZwiki is pretty out of date and should have some google searches.