As of 2015/2/22, Zwiki source code is kept on github at You can get there quickly by typing into a web browser.

Sign the contributor list/agreement

After getting your first patch into the main repo, please add yourself to the CONTRIBUTORS.txt file to indicate your acceptance of the contributor agreement there. This helps preserve a clean legal status for our project into the future.

Old Zwiki code repos (Darcs, 2004/4/1 - 2015/2/22)
From 2008 to 2015, the main development branch, AKA "Zwiki 2". Diverged from ZWiki1 with the "UnicodeGeddon" patch on 2008/4/23.
ZWiki1 (Darcs, 2004/4/1 - 2009/2/13)
The classic Zwiki 0.x branch, AKA "Zwiki 1". This was used for Zwiki releases up to 0.61. (CVS, 1999 - 2004/3/19)
The original Zwiki code repository on Sourceforge. (Darcs)
betabug's old dev branch.