I am a Python and ZoPe developer. I work for Ariel Partners located in the Boston, Massachusetts area of North Eastern USA.

Ariel provides expert IT consulting for large organizations, including the establishment of software reuse programs, legacy retirement, and mentoring in J2EE, XML/XSLT, Python, and other leading technologies. Check out our Zope-powered website We regularly perform detailed technical evaluations between competing technologies and make them available on our website. Here are some of the more recent:

Here's a list of ZoPe extension products we have submitted:

RSN, we hope to make available some additional ZoPe extension Products we have been working on internally for some time:

2002/10/02 01:25 GMT (via web):
Looking forward to your Slideshow efforts...in a bout of ZwikiMania I was trying to figure out the workflow for a easy powerpoint replacement in zwiki that allowed presentee feedback/discussion. The features of CMF, ZWiki and rollout issues added to the muddle. A backtalk feature in your Slideshow app may just allow this to be a reality, at least for post-presentation veiwing. A script might be necesary to create the zwiki (w/ readable thumbnails) repository for the slides and navigation system.) - DeanGoodmanson